CARING crafters from local women's groups donated handmade items to help good causes.

Upper Clatford WI led an initiative to get making with a philanthropic purpose.

Joined by members from other groups including Charlton, Goodworth Clatford and Longstock and Leckford , the women made cushions, bonding hearts and drainage bags which they presented to Andover Birthing Centre and the Breast Care Unit at Winchester Hospital.

The heart shaped cushions and drainage bags were taken to the Breast Care Unit at Winchester, and the small hearts will stay with new mums at the Birthing Centre in Andover.

Maureen Dyson, secretary of the Upper Clatford WI said: "The Birthing centre at Andover War Memorial Hospital asked if we could make them small comfort hearts to assist mums with breastfeeding. The idea is that mum and baby receive a small cotton heart to place with mum and the baby to help with the essential scent bonding during those first few days.

"At the same time, we identified a need again for more drainage bags and comfort cushions to be made for the breast care unit, so we decided on a plan."

Lisa Hunter, volunteer services at Andover War Memorial Hospital and The Countess of Brecknock Hospice said: "I think it’s always inspiring for people to see what others do to help in the community – hopefully encouraging someone to find their own project to make a difference where it’s most needed.

"Many thanks once again to you all for your generosity, time and enthusiasm."