CIVIC chiefs will next month get a chance to look at Hampshire’s plan for Brexit.

In a report to be presented at the county council’s next cabinet meeting, on December 10, members will discuss what impacts leaving the European Union (EU) will have on the county.

The UK is set to leave on March 29, and the authority’s report will look at the effects of a Brexit outcome both with and without a deal.

Speaking after a meeting of full council on Thursday, leader Roy Perry said: “That report will cover [several topics, including] the staffing implications for Hampshire County Council.

“We [employ] a significantly large number of social workers – a proportion of those are EU nationals working here, and we’re very concerned that there might be a loss of those workers so we will be taking great efforts to check that we give them all the work we can to guarantee their rights to live and work here in Hampshire. That is certainly a [big] concern.”

He added: “There could be implications, of course, for the port of Portsmouth, which might then have ramifications on roads in Hampshire, so we will be monitoring that pretty closely.

“Then there are just issues if there were absolutely no [Brexit] deal, like medicine, pharmaceutical. We have a number of elderly people in care [across the county] and we need to make sure that we have all the facilities available for them.

“Those are the issues that the report will be addressing, rather than a debate, which I think some possibly wanted in the council chamber just to debate the pros and cons of having another referendum. We’re wanting to look at the practical implications."