THE X-ray service at Andover hospital has temporarily closed due to an equipment fault.

The service, which sees an average 60 patients a day, has stopped while the hospital trust, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, looks to resolve the problem.

While the facility is out of use patients are being advised to travel to Basingstoke and Winchester hospitals if they require an x-ray.

Alex Whitfield, chief executive of Hampshire Hospitals, said: "We apologise for the inconvenience caused whilst the x-ray service at Andover War Memorial Hospital is temporarily unavailable.

"The closure is a result of an equipment fault and we are working quickly to resolve the issue which relies on a part being delivered from overseas.

"We recognise the importance of patients having access to these services locally and hope to have the x-ray service back up and running soon.

"I also want to thank the hard working staff at Andover, as well as the radiology departments at Basingstoke and Winchester, for continuing to provide good patient care during this temporary closure."

The x-ray service is used across the minor injuries unit, outpatients department and GP service.

The minor injuries unit remains open.