A GROUP of primary school children have brought festive cheer to a care home this week.

The youngsters from Year 5 and 6 at Appleshaw St Peter’s Primary School attended Millway House Nursing Home to offer some entertainment.

During the visit on Tuesday the group sang a number of Christmas songs and carols, accompanied by music teacher Victoria Lane on the keyboard and class teacher Sarah Dabill.

Victoria said: “I have been working with them [the children] for a few weeks on the Christmas songs. It just brings so much joy into the residents’ lives.”

Pupil Oliver added: “It is just a joy and the look on their faces when they are singing along, they actually care what we are doing.”

And classmate Emma said: “It is joyful and very emotional.”

The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by residents, with the audience joining in with some of the classic Christmas songs.

Home manager Sarah Brown said: “It helps with their [the residents] cognitive performance, quite a few of them are singing along and it is just an absolute delight having the children around.“They don’t get to see many children as many of their families don’t live locally so they look forward to the children coming in.”