A DISABILITY charity has been given a striking addition to the entrance of its base.

Enham Trust has been gifted bespoke topiary lettering from Agrumi Topiary Art based in Lymington.

The topiary individual lettering has been custom-made and grown over two years, as an addition to the entrance of the main site in Enham Alamein.

Nigel Sully, head of gardening at Enham Trust said: “We are so grateful for the donation and it will be a welcoming addition to the entrance of the main site.

I am looking forward to seeing the lettering grow and flourish over the next few years.

“I would like to thank Agrumi and the team for their kind donation.”

Enham Trust currently supports thousands of disabled people across the country each year in the key areas of their lives by providing housing, care, and various employment and skills opportunities.