NEXT week should see MPs cast their ballots in the “meaningful vote” on the Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

North West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse revealed to the Advertiser he will be voting in favour of the controversial agreement, but now we want to hear what our readers think.

Back in June 2016, there was nearly an 80 per cent turnout for the EU referendum in Test Valley as 39,091 people (51.9 per cent) voted to leave.

Remain voters made up 48.1 per cent, with 36,170 residents wanting to stay in the EU.

Now, the Brexit waters are muddied, the number of options multiply and, importantly, do people still care about the issue?

We’d like to find out by readers taking part in our online poll below, choosing your preferred option for the Brexit end game.

The poll will be open until midday on Monday, January 14.

Disclaimer: This is intended to gage opinion of readers and not to build a fully representative picture of the views of Test Valley voters.