A TOKEN tribute to the works of a renowned author was unveiled in Whitchurch last week.

A sculpture of Watership Down now stands to recognise the contribution of the book’s author Richard Adams at the Owsla Park site off Bloswood Lane.

Mr Adams, who lived in Church Street in his “dear Whitchurch” for more than 20 years, also has roads named after him in the area including Richard Adams Way, Fiver Close, Pipkin Gardens, Cowslip Drive, and Bluebell Close.

Housing developer Bewley Homes funded the project, then brought to life by sculptor Rupert Till.

The sculpture shows a number of rabbits overlooking an open green space.

Whitchurch town mayor Councillor John Buckley also referred to a poem written by Richard Adams on the occasion his 90th birthday back in 2010.

Mr Adams died on Christmas Eve in 2016.

Councillor Buckley said: “This lovely sculpture recognises a great local man who added so much to our enjoyment and to the heritage of Whitchurch.

“It is great to see such creativity placed within our communities and this, along with the naming of the local roads is a fitting tribute to the memories of Richard Adams. It was an honour to be part of this.”