INSPIRATION was at the top of the agenda when an Andover school cut the ribbon on its new library.

Vigo Primary School children hosted a special occasion last week to celebrate the new facility after months of work.

Visiting the school, author and former journalist Nick Cook officially opened the library but not before sharing a few words of wisdom with Years 5 and 6.

He said: “Imagination is the single most important thing that any one of us has. Why is that? Because nobody can take your imagination away from you.”

Mr Cook urged the children to use the adventures in the books to help them discover what adventures they want.

He added: “If you have a physical space where you can go and read, it does remind you that you need to take time and space out to read.

“So much of what is done today in terms of kids activities is done off the hoof, like looking on an iPhone or a computer. In the library you actually have a quiet space to invest time in the reading process.”

The library, which formerly was the teachers’ lounge, was funded from a grant by Hampshire County Council and from school money.

The books used to be housed in two ‘locked rooms’ which were rarely used by pupils. It is hoped that the new room will give children a space to read and develop a love of the hobby.

Headteacher Julie Bray said: “We decided that we needed to have one cosy and inviting space where children wanted to go and read. It [the library] is lovely and children already love going in there and cocoon themselves with a good story. Now being at the heart of the school children can access it all the time.”

The new library has seats to allow children to read in the library, a cosy audio area fitted with a beanbag, and bright bookshelves revamped from the previous two libraries.