CHILDREN were given an opportunity to mingle with the community in a new initiative.

Hatherden CE Primary School hosted its school community afternoon, known as the Fellowship Café.

The café invites people from Hatherden, Andover and the surrounding area into the school.

During the afternoon, people have the chance to talk to pupils from across the school, sharing stories and enjoying refreshments made by the children.

A school spokesperson said: “Fellowship Café is part of the school’s ongoing campaign to look out for others and care for the local area, working in line with their Christian values of love, courage and fellowship. This event, which is supported by Hatherden Church, will continue to run on a monthly basis, bringing people together and allowing them to form new friendships.”

Mrs Grassi (pictured), from Andover, who attended the event, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the children and meeting new people, it was a really special afternoon. I love Hatherden School and everything they do for the local people, it really does make a difference.”