RESIDENTS from an Andover care home have become experts at how to use an iPad after being shown the ropes by pupils from a school in Red Rice.

Students from Farleigh School demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in new technology as they showed residents at Harrier Grange lots of useful features on their iPads.

Staff from the home arranged the visit to help get the residents of the care home online.

The two generations worked together happily going through the basics of using an iPad, and then had fun looking at the different apps that might be helpful to the lives of the residents.

Many residents talked to the children about the inventions they have seen through their lives, and how life was different for them when they were at school.

The children had been coached by their school on the best way to teach someone how to use an iPad, improving their patience, communication and teaching skills.

Care home director Kay Jerrams said: “It’s always a wonderful day when we have a group of young people to visit. It gives our residents a new lease of life and it’s a delight to see people from the two generations form a real bond.

“The children from Farleigh School have given our residents a real gift with their coaching and new sense of independence.

“Now our residents will be able to use their iPads to stay in touch with family and friends, browse all their photos of happy memories, watch TV, listen to music and of course use the internet to keep up to date with the latest news and even shop online.”