THE world wars were brought to life during a trip to London.

Year 8 history students from Harrow Way School visited the Imperial War Museum to learn more about the First and Second World Wars.

The museum gave students a unique insight into the wars as they explored human stories of the time, discovering how the conflicts shaped today’s world.

Commenting on why she places high value on such field trips, curriculum leader for history Christina Brown said: “Nothing we can do in the classrooms here at Harrow Way can ever demonstrate so effectively what life would have been like for those men fighting in these dreadful wars and for the families they left behind living in conditions unimaginable to the average 12 to 13-year-old of today.

“However, having immersed themselves in the exhibitions and artefacts at the museum the students definitely have a greater sense of the war, as they were able to see it through the eyes of those who lived it.”

The students took the opportunity to investigate the First World War galleries, where they were also able to walk through a trench system and investigate uniform and equipment worn by the soldiers.

Ben Purser, a Year 8 student, said: “It was a fantastic day as it’s a different way of learning about history than just being in a classroom.”