A TASTE of grisly London was served up to history students on a trip to the capital.

Harrow Way Community School students visited the city to learn about its historic crime scenes as part of their studying on crime and punishment from the year 1000.

The Year 10s followed in the footsteps of serial killer Jack the Ripper, visited the Tower of London, and explored life behind bars at the Clink Prison.

Curriculum leader for history Christina Brown said: “Thankfully London 2019 is very different to London 1144 and indeed the 19th century when ‘the Ripper’ was roaming the streets.

“Equally, the legal and prison system are also very different and visiting these famous locations, giving students a sense of the crimes carried out all those years ago and the means of punishment was captivating for our students and when we manage to do that, we find the learning truly comes alive.

Mrs Brown added: “As we delve deeper into this aspect of our history curriculum students already have a sense and can visualise the backdrop to the types of crime prevalent at this time and the punishment which was then meted out. It’s the ideal way to give them a significant learning head start.”