A PLAYSCHEME for children run by a town charity has been praised by the education watchdog.

Andover Mencap Playscheme, based at the Wellington Centre, in Winchester Road, was told by Ofsted it had met the quality and standards required.

The inspector said that staff were calm role models for the children and understand how to safeguard the youngsters in their care.

The report said: “Staff know how to encourage positive behaviour and the importance of working as a team to manage challenging behaviours when they arise.”

The team and manager Ami Turner, along with leader Lee Roberts, were praised for providing a broad range of activities which are adapted to help individual youngsters learning needs.

“Staff have a clear understanding of how to implement carefully planned routines and individual care plans, so that each child’s safety and wellbeing are effectively and consistently promoted,” the inspector added.

Inspectors added staff also work closely with parents, schools and other professionals to install continuity in children’s care and learning.

Manager Ami was highlighted in the inspection report.

“The manager knows how to implement effective systems to evaluate and reflect on practice and seek the views of all involved. She understands the need to identify strengths and areas for improvement,” the report said.

Speaking of the report, Chris Newman, director of care and support services at the charity, said: “I was very pleased with the feedback from the inspector.

“The previous inspection was quite a while ago, 18 months to two years, and the new management have worked very hard to meet the requirements of Ofsted — a lot of work goes on in the background.”

And to the playscheme team, Mr Newman said: “Thank you for all the hard work, care and commitment they put into running the service.”

It was said by the Ofsted inspector that the report on the playscheme was based on evidence gathered from discussions with those who care for the children and an inspection of the premises on February 27, but as no children under five were present at the time, a rating could not be given.