IN JUST under a month’s time, Test Valley Borough Council could have a completely new set of members holding its new 43 seats.

This is because the authority’s quadrennial elections, on May 2, will involve residents voting for candidates to take over the area’s new wards, which comes after a shake-up of the boundaries.

But this will mean that the current 48 members will be reduced by five, with many fighting for seats that they weren’t holding before.

One of those will be leader of Test Valley Borough Phil North, whose Alamein seat will be dissolved.

The decision to make the changes were made after recommendations from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England were accepted back in 2017. Inspectors said that the boundary lines should be re-jigged to form eight three-councillor wards, seven two-councillor wards and five one-councillor wards across the borough.

Ward names were also chosen to reflect community ties, the commission said. 

The boundary changes, which are the first since 2000, were driven by the need to “reduce costs” and make the authority “more efficient”.

As reported, the proposals were greeted with cross-party support when presented to full council in 2016.

Here is a list of each candidate running for election in the new wards:

Ampfield & Braishfield

Martin Hatley, Conservative

Viv Mackay, Labour

Sally Yalden, Lib Dem

Andover Downlands

Adam Buckenham, Labour

Christopher Donnelly, Conservative

Lee Fort, Andover Alliance

Nick Lodge, Conservative

Edwin Treadwell, Andover Alliance

Andover Harroway

Lauren Banville, Andover Alliance

Carl Borg-Neal, Conservative

Tony Burley, Conservative

Peter Cooper, Labour

Dorothy Day, Andover Alliance

Andrew Fitchet, Labour

Luigi Gregori, Lib Dem

Karen Hamilton, Conservative

Robin Hughes, Lib Dem

Josephine Msonthi, Lib Dem

Peter Scott, Andover Alliance

Andover Millway

Scott Blackmore, Andover Alliance

Zilliah Brooks, Conservative

Christopher Ecclestone, Andover Alliance

Sandra Hawke, Conservative

Jim Neal, Conservative

Alison Watts, Andover Alliance

Andover Romans

Barbara Carpenter, Lib Dem

Graeme Davis, Andover Alliance

Scott Hall, Labour

Kevin Hughes, Lib Dem

Richard Kidd, Lib Dem

Nick Matthews, Conservative

Lenka Mead, Andover Alliance

Kirsty North, Conservative

Tracey Preston, Conservative

David Treadwell, Andover Alliance

Andover St Mary’s

Iris Andersen, Conservative

Katherine Bird, Lib Dem

John Cockaday, Conservative

David Denny, Conservative

Kevin Farrer, Andover Alliance

Michael James, Andover Alliance

Nigel Long, Independent

Michael Mumford, Labour

Victoria Thorp, Andover Alliance

Andover Winton

Jan Budzynski, Conservative

Rebecca Meyer, Andover Alliance

Pam Mutton, Conservative

Richard Rowles, Andover Alliance

Anna Ward

David Coole, Andover Alliance

Ben Few Brown, Conservative

Maureen Flood, Conservative

Maureen Treadwell, Andover Alliance


Nick Adams-King, Conservative

Gordon Bailey, Conservative

Brexit Cadier, Independent

Christopher Craig, Labour

Charlton & The Pentons

Linda Lashbrook, Conservative

Lance Mitchell, Green

Rebecca Speculo, Andover Alliance

Norman Woods, UKIPC

Chilworth, Nursling & Rownhams

Nige Anderdon, Conservative

Clive Anderson, Lib Dem

Sharon Blackett, Labour

Phil Bundy, Conservative

Karen Dunleavey, Lib Dem

Alison Finlay, Conservative

Brian Richards, Lib Dem


David Drew, Conservative

Georgina Roberts, Andover Alliance

Mid Test

Paul Burnage, Lib Dem

Ian Jeffrey, Conservative

Alison Johnston, Conservative

Harry Paul, Lib Dem

Sally Saunders, Labour

Tony Ward, Conservative

North Baddesley

Simon Cross, Lib Dem

Celia Dowden, Lib Dem

Alan Higginson, Conservative

Derek Langford, Conservative

Andy Milligan, Conservative

Alan Warnes, Lib Dem

Romsey Abbey

Stuart Bannerman, Labour

Mark Bramley, Conservative

Nik Daas, Lib Dem

Sandra Gidley, Lib Dem

Simon Hayes, Conservative

Romsey Cupernham

Lynne Askey, Conservative

Dorothy Baverstock, Lib Dem

Janet Burnage, Lib Dem

Phil Griffiths, Labour

Neil Gwynne, Lib Dem

Ian Hibberd, Independent

John Ray, Conservative

Janett Whitely, Conservative

Romsey Tadburn

Mark Cooper, Lib Dem

Simon Cotton, Labour

Dave Maslen, Conservative

John Parker, Lib Dem

Ian Richards, Conservative

Valley Park

Jillie Curtis, Conservative

Roger Curtis, Conservative

Alan Dowden, Lib Dem

Christopher Thom,  Lib Dem

David Watson, Labour


Bourne Valley

Phil North, Conservative


Phil Lashbrook, Conservative