A CHARITY promoting conservation is hoping to increase its environmentally-friendly nature and provide an improved space for its volunteers.

Andover Trees United has lodged an application with Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to build a field study base and volunteer room.

Currently the charity is using shipping containers at the entrance to Harmony Wood, and despite the units being effective, the organisation says, they are “not aesthetically attractive and the space available in the site hut severely limits activities possible for volunteers and visiting school and community groups”.

The proposed structure will fit over the existing site hut and shipping container but is “structurally independent from them”.

Plans lodged on behalf of the charity state: “It will enclose the space between the existing structures and create an open space suitable for use as a workroom for volunteers and a classroom for visiting school parties.”

It added: “The proposed space is big enough for a typical class size without being too big. We would like to encourage as much time spent on-site to be outside as possible.”

A large window will also be installed for “catching afternoon sun and looking out across the site to the pond in the new distance”.

It is also hoped that “all-access” mobile composting toilets will be created which will offer “clear social, environmental and cultural benefits for using a viable alternative to chemical toilets for off-grid provision”.

TVBC’s leisure team said: “This specific project formalises the temporary structures already in place at Harmony Woods to create a volunteer base for the group to continue to grow.”

There also has been no objections from Hampshire County Council and Enham Parish Council.

However, one resident Holly Clothier, of Augusta Park, has raised concerns that if the plan was given the go-ahead it would attract “unwanted attention” and “envisages a rise in antisocial behaviour”.

And Enham Alamein resident Barbara Shepherd has also objected following Enham Trust’s objection of the proposed use of parking in the village which would “cause difficulties for visitors as well as other who come to use the amenities of the village”.