RESIDENTS from an Andover care home had a special Easter visit from lots of fluffy bunnies.

Staff at Harrier Grange, in Hawker Siddeley Way, arranged the visit from animal charity Furlock Holmes in Whitchurch, to bring the specially-trained team of rabbits to the home.

Two of the star rabbit visitors were Bonnie and Benson, and the residents were able to enjoy watching the rabbits playing with each other, before they had the chance to hold them on their laps to stroke, handle and interact with them.

Harrier Grange activities coordinator Stacie Judge said: “The residents and staff all really enjoyed having the rabbits here and it’s had a positive impact on them by giving them something cute and fluffy to interact with.

“We arranged the visit knowing that animal-assisted therapy is recognised as an occupational therapy by experts. It has been proven that interaction with animals can lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health and release endorphins which have a calming effect, and it’s great to be able to maximise on this.

“As well as the physical benefits, playing with pets can also reduce depression, encourage communication and participation, decrease anxiety and also provide comfort. The bunnies had the added benefit of bringing back lots of memories of loved family pets for many of our residents.

“Our residents felt a real connection with the rabbits and loved holding them. This has been an all-around fantastic experience and we look forward to inviting them back soon.”