IT MAY not be your traditional Easter chick, but a critically-endangered vulture is capturing visitors’ hearts this Easter at a nearby conservation park.

The rare white-headed vulture, a native species of Africa, is making great strides at the Hawk Conservancy Trust thanks to its loving parents.

The Trust says visitors can’t help but feel moved by the sight of father Angus and mother Satara caring for their infant.

Mum and dad will continue to share the parental duties until the youngster is ready to leave the nest, hopefully in around 12 weeks’ time.

The white-headed vulture population is suffering a steep decline due to poisoning linked to the ivory trade. Poachers target the birds to prevent them gathering above carcasses and alerting authorities to potential illegal activities.

As part of its research and conservation work, the Hawk Conservancy Trust is tackling this issue with its Poison Response Action project.

The project’s aim is to train and equip people in the field with the knowledge, skills and essential equipment to clear poisoning incidents as quickly as possible and prevent further deaths.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust will be open this Easter weekend from 10am to 5.30pm.