THE family of an ‘amazing and bubbly’ woman with just weeks to live is asking for help to raise £10,000 for treatment that could buy her more time with her grandchildren.

Nenalyn Meyrick, from Tidworth, was diagnosed with aggressive high grade glioma - tumours that develop from brain cells called astrocytes - earlier this year

Doctors initially thought she had suffered a stroke, but a CT scan revealed shadowing on her brain and a biopsy was ordered.

In-law Sarah Warren said: “It came back with the worst news possible that she has glioma. It is such an aggressive tumour.”

Nenalyn’s tumour has affected the right side of the brain, but has now spread to the central core and left side.

The 50-year-old was discharged from hospital and given steroids to reduce the swelling and pressure, as doctors said there was a small chance she could undergo chemotherapy.

But the family were told that this would not be possible due to the aggressive nature of the tumour, and Nenalyn decided she wanted to go home to die.

“So we are praying and we are holding onto hope of getting her private treatment just to try and make her better, just for a short period,” Sarah added.

“She is holding on and fighting with everything she has got.”

The family have started a JustGiving page to raise £10,000 to offer Nenalyn a chance at life-altering treatment.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could take her up to London, we have to try — just because the hospital gave up, we can’t.”

Currently Nenalyn is bedbound and has a carer with her as she is in a wealth of pain, unable to lift her arms and speak, apart from saying ‘yes’.

She is surrounded by her family, including husband Jonny, daughter Payton, and sons Lewis, and Aiden - who has autism.

Nenalyn also has a one-year-old granddaughter, Isabella, who she is affectionately known as ‘Lola’ to, and has another grandchild due in August.

“We are going to make sure she will be there. She is the most amazing ‘Lola’.

“She was always happy to see Isabella and give her cuddle,” Sarah said.

“Nenalyn is an amazing person, she would give her world, she was always happy and bubbly - this is a shock.

“It is horrible, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see, we can see her dying in front of our eyes.”

To donate and help the family give Nenalyn a chance of private treatment, go to