ILLEGAL car parkers are posing a danger to pedestrians, say the residents of a busy town centre street.

Residents of Marlborough Street say there are ‘often ten cars illegally parked’ on the slip road leading to Marlborough Street car park.

And these cars cause problems for people trying to use the public footpaths.

“Pedestrians with prams or wheelchairs, unable to use the pavement, have go into the already busy road,” said John Kelly, of Marlborough Street.

“And of course it’s dark with no lights on the prams. That’s the dangerous bit.”

John says the issue has been going on for ‘an awfully long time’ but has got worse in recent years.

“I think what’s different this year is that the volume has gone up. It really has. There’s more parking and it’s more often.”

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said the illegal parking happens “night after night, for four of five nights each week,” and has been happening “over a long period of time.”

The resident added: “It’s at 4pm when the traffic warden goes off, and once they are on there they stay on there.

“It’s usually done by about 8pm. In the day there’s nothing there.

“I had a letter recently saying they [the council] will send patrols around, but I don’t know – I’ve given up now.

“I have a little laugh because what else can you do?”

Test Valley Borough Council said it shares the frustrations of the street’s residents.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are aware that residents are frustrated with motorists parking on the double yellow lines along Marlborough Street and blocking people’s driveways as a result.

“This is not only inconsiderate but it is also against the law.

“We have already increased patrols in the area and these will continue. We also plan to install additional signage to reinforce the message that people must not park on the yellow lines and anyone who leaves their vehicle parked there is liable to be ticketed.”

“There are a number of car parks together totalling almost 1,000 spaces within a few minutes’ walk of The Lights and new leisure centre, including Marlborough Street car park, Chantry Centre multi-storey, Simply Health and Shepherds Spring Lane.

“Both venues promote these car parks to their customers and will continue to do so.

“Details of local car parks, including charges, capacity and opening times, are also published on the Test Valley Borough Council website.”

John added: “I do sympathise [with the council] but this has gone on an awfully long time.

“They must have known that this is a problem so why have they left it?”

He says the most dangerous spot is the roundabout at the bottom of the road, and that is where an accident is most likely to happen.

“One of these nights that’s going to be where it is. There are people crossing there and the cars come around very quick.

“There’s a scenario there for something bad.”