RESIDENTS on an estate in Tidworth are facing delays to the opening of a key road, with planning chiefs blaming third parties for the setbacks.

The link road on the Riverbourne estate between Pennings Road and Ludgershall Road has been built for around 18 months, but it has not been opened as work has yet to be completed on a number of elements.

Meetings have taken place between the developer Persimmon, Wiltshire Council, and Southern and Scottish Electric.

Tidworth mayor Councillor Mark Connolly has said that despite indications from Persimmon saying the road would be opened by early April, it could now be as late as June.

In a post on Facebook, Cllr Connolly said: “The end is finally in sight... famous last words.”

When speaking to the Advertiser, he added: “At one stage it was early April then Persimmon said ‘I don’t know why you were given that date, there is more work needed to be done’ - it is very frustrating, I have pushed and pushed over the last year.”

He was also told by Persimmon that it was “being delayed by third parties”.

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes South Coast said: “We continue to work proactively with Wiltshire Highways to complete the new link road between Pennings Road and Ludgershall Road.

“No formal date for opening has been set, but we are aware of the Army Re-basing works that are taking place in and around Tidworth and the importance of completing the link road.

“Opening will take place as soon as all associated works are complete, including surfacing, signage, landscaping and all associated service diversion and lighting connections, and when Wiltshire Highways is happy that it is safe to do so. Our current target date is June 2019.”

Parvis Khansari, Wiltshire Council director for highways and transport, said: “We recently met with Persimmon Homes to undertake a formal inspection of both the link road, as will as the Ludgershall Road and Pennings Road roundabouts, to compile a comprehensive list of remedial works required to make the road safe for opening.

“It became apparent that many of these works will require input from outside organisations that have their own lead times and restrictions and as such a date of June has been agreed by all parties.”

Once opened, for the first 12 months the maintenance responsibility for the road will remain with Persimmon. After this, a final inspection will be completed and if satisfactory the road will be adopted by Wiltshire Council.