ENTHUSIASM was on display when a group of Andover pupils discovered the world of STEM.

Focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the Big Bang STEM fair at the Ageas Bowl, in Hedge End, near Southampton, was a wealth of exploration for Winton Community Academy students.

Ninety-two Year 9 students took a trip on Thursday, April 25, to the educational event to see science in action and try their hands at some cutting edge technology.

There was a host of interactive exhibits from a huge variety of different companies, including BOC, ESSO, and even the Royal Navy.

Students jumped off a skyscraper with VR goggles, watched balloons dipped into liquid nitrogen, and saw first-hand how woolly mammoths have nearly been brought back from extinction with a tiny, but very expensive DNA, sequencing machine.

The group also took control of of robots, zapped friends — and enemies — with static electricity and even sat in the cockpit of a Lynx helicopter.

A particular favourite was the hydrophobic sand that, the students said, could not get wet no matter how much water you poured on it.

They also made their own lava lamps, built boats and towers and saw water split apart using just a loudspeaker.

A spokesperson for the school said: “The pupils did Winton proud, showing lots of enthusiasm and asking some very interesting questions to the exhibitors.

“A fantastic time was had by all and we even learned some science into the bargain.”