A TEAM responsible for designing, procuring and planning soldiers’ accommodation has been thanked for their work.

The group of architects, engineers and consultants from Aspire Defence have been praised by the Ministry of Defence and the Army for their work over more than a decade.

The company has been involved in transforming defence infrastructure at garrisons across Salisbury Plain.

Since 2006, the design team has delivered almost 500 buildings, creating more than 14,000 single en-suite bed spaces for service personnel across the south, including Tidworth, Bulford, Perham Down and Larkhill.

A ceremony was held on April 16, with awards for long-service and partnership presented by Mark Duddy, Army Basing Programme director, and Major General Richard Wardlaw, director basing and infrastructure.

Mr Duddy said: “I am delighted to have an opportunity to extend formal thanks and recognition to this talented team. They have made an invaluable contribution to the success of the project and the Army Basing Programme, ensuring service personnel have access to the quality of living, working and technical accommodation that they need and deserve.”

Buildings completed behind the wire have included single living and mess accommodation for junior and officer ranks, regimental headquarters, technical workshops and garages, stores, dining and sports facilities.

Aspire has also delivered facilities, such as Tidworth Garrison Theatre.