FAMILY, friends and strangers came together to remember a mother who adored Andover.

Ginny Coster lived in the town all her life and in June 2013 she died aged 64 following a four-year battle with skin cancer.

On April 26, more than 80 people attended a charity night to not only raise money in memory of Ginny, but to also raise awareness of the disease.

Daughter Elissa said: “Mum’s ink stain-like mark on her nose was dismissed by several doctors before being diagnosed as aggressive skin cancer.

“We launched an awareness raising campaign entitled ‘The Big Spring Clean’ — never missing a spot’ to encourage everyone to check their skin for changes in their moles or any unusual marks as mum’s mark was not your typical mole.

“Mum really loved cleaning and with the Mrs Hinch phenomena it really resonates with what is popular at the moment.”

Ginny’s family put together a quiz, raffle and an auction of promises at Andover Central Club on April 26.

Elissa added: “The quiz night ‘Coster’s Quiz Comp’ was a fantastic success raising over £1,400 on the night with donations still pouring in from family and friends who adored mum, an Andoverian who lived here all of her life and adored her home town.

“Monies raised from the night will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support who gave mum and us as a family, a huge amount of support from the point of diagnosis to mum’s final days.”

The family hope to hold another night again next year but “even bigger and better”.