ROTARIAN backing for a scheme which supports people who have lost their homes and all their possessions in disaster areas has been praised.

The Rotary Club of Andover has supported Shelterbox UK since 2002 and with the help and support of the Andover community the club has been able to donate more than £83,000 to the Shelterbox Appeal.

Last week the president of the Andover Rotary Club, the Rev Dr Peter Howson and a member’s delegation, visited Shelterbox UK's headquarters in Truro to receive an award in respect of the club's contribution.

Shelterboxes cost £600 each and are designed to support 10 people in real need.

Each Box contains a canvas two compartment tent, a stove, 10 blankets, water purification pack, tools, metal cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils and a medical pack.

Rev Howson said: "Particular thanks this year are due to master baker Steve Burbidge who donated £5,000 to the cause from his Christmas 2018 motorcycle event and an elderly lady, a good friend of Andover Rotary, who yet again responded during the year and has bought three more boxes."