ONE of the most influential people in the history of the Premier League has passed on his wealth of experience to pupils.

David Dein gave a talk to Year 10 students at The Wellington Academy, Ludgershall, on April 25.

David joined the Arsenal board in 1983 and was made vice-chairman in the same year.

He also rose to vice-chairman of the Football Association and has served on numerous UEFA and FIFA committees.

These days David spends much of his time speaking in businesses, schools and prisons.

Although David’s talk was about football and his career, the messages and tips that he gave to the students could be applied to all aspects of life and help to build a successful career.

As part of the talk students learnt about the importance of mental and physical health, “and how the two balance each other, how poor behaviour and attitude can be the downfall of even the most talented people and his life motto, the motto of the turtle — you have got to stick your neck out”.

David kept the students engaged throughout by inviting them to answer questions which they received souvenir DVDs for correctly answering.

Video clips were played giving the students the opportunity to be a referee and see how technology has helped the football industry to grow.

Even the non-football fans enjoyed David’s talk and all the students got involved in some way, the school reported.

A school spokesperson said: “Overall a very successful visit to add to the list of careers talks and events held at The Wellington Academy.”