ELECTRIC vehicle charging points will be coming to Andover Railway Station.

Andover is one of the six railway stations across the area that will be receiving the new trickle-charge Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) units from South Western Railway (SWR.)

A total of 60 units will be installed by the transport firm, with Andover set to have 10 of the units. The units will also be initially free of charge to use.

By the end of summer, SWR will have invested £100,000 in the construction and installation of 13-amp trickle charging points that will allow passengers to plug-in and charge their electric vehicles while they are parked for the day.

These charging points are designed for the current generation of electric vehicles but are capable of handling higher electrical currents for future developments in the market.

Once completed, each SWR station with a charging point will have a designated parking space that will be clearly marked for passengers to charge their electric vehicles.

Amelia Woodley, head of sustainability at South Western Railway, said: "We’re committed to making travelling by rail sustainable and our investment of £100,000 in 60 new trickle-charging points reflects this.

"This investment in new charging points will not only make it easier for passengers to charge their electric vehicles at SWR stations, but help to reduce the uncertainty of 'range anxiety' as well as make a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions and improving overall air quality.

"The new charging points are designed to charge passengers’ cars while they travel but have the flexibility to support both current and future generations of electric vehicles."

Other stations set to have EVCPs installed are: 18 in Basingstoke, 12 in Farnborough, eight in Haslemere, six in Wokingham, and six in Fleet.