A CHOLDERTON man is calling for people to unite and help him stop Parkinson’s for good by joining their local sponsored walk for Parkinson’s next month.

Derek Jeffers, 57, has signed up to take part in the Wilton House Walk for Parkinson’s event after he was diagnosed with disease in 2017 and wants to help find a cure.

Derek will be walking with his wife, two daughters and his son-in-law, and he hopes that local people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels will join them on the day.

Derek, who’s known as Dee Jay, said: “Parkinson’s is constant and it feels like something is always trying to slow me down. I struggle to get washed, dressed, and do simple everyday tasks. The very basic tasks can become difficult.

“I’ve found that exercise is a great help for my symptoms and I attend the exercise group ‘PD Warrior’ at Salisbury Hospital every week. I am also now working at Stonehenge during the week which keeps me on my feet.

“I am looking forward to the walk so I can prove to myself that I can still do it, and also to see all my friends supporting me and Parkinson's UK. I’m taking part to raise money for Parkinson's UK in the hope of finding a workable cure.”

Dave Clark, Sky Sports presenter and champion of Walking for Parkinson’s UK, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011 at the age of 44. Dave is a keen walker himself and he’s joining Derek in asking people to take part in the walk.

He said:“Parkinson’s UK’s pioneering research gives me hope that we will find a cure for this brutal condition, and we’re now on the verge of major research breakthroughs that could end Parkinson’s for good.

“So whatever your age or ability, please sign-up to Walk for Parkinson’s at Wilton House and be part of the final push to find a cure.”

One in 37 will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which affects people of all ages and has over 40 symptoms including tremor, loss of mobility and dementia.

Over the past four years, Walk for Parkinson’s fundraisers have raised over £1.5 million for Parkinson’s UK’s pioneering research to find a cure – and the charity believes that scientists could now be on the verge of a major breakthrough.

At the event in Salisbury, distances for walkers include the choice of a two-mile, three-mile or six-mile route around the grounds of Wilton House.

To sign up costs £12 for adults and £5 for under 16s, with team discounts available.

To sign up to the walk, or to find out more, go to, parkinsons.org.uk/walkwiltonhouse fundraising@parkinsons.org.uk