DEBILITATED by food intolerances, Chris Crutchley never thought he would be able to enjoy chocolate, but now years on from a workshop making the confectionary he has now unveiled his own allergy-free range.

In 2010, the 55-year-old’s partner Stephanie introduced Chris to a session creating the sweet treat without dairy and gluten, but the class opened up more opportunities than was ever hoped.

Stephanie said: “For him it was some sort of epiphany,” and former consultant Chris said: “It wasn’t very nice chocolate, but it was chocolate. When I bit into it everything came flooding back into my mind. I thought ‘I can make my own chocolate and I can keep experimenting’.”

Immediately after the session, Chris began making his own chocolate, firstly using a slow cooker as a bain-marie, later buying moulds and taking over the couple’s kitchen in their former home in Aylesbury.

Stephanie thought it was “just a phase”, adding: “It just got bigger and bigger, he just took over the whole downstairs for chocolate making, all my storage cupboards were taken out and fridges were put in.”

The couple then moved to Thruxton and Chris’ mission to create the perfect recipe continued.

Chris said: “The more I experimented the nicer the chocolate became, I just wanted to create a chocolate that was really nice.”

In 2017 the couple opened up in the Commercial Centre, in Picket Piece, and to start with it was very much handmade, with Stephanie and Chris wrapping 400 bars a week, but with the help of grants they were able to buy machinery and make more than ever before.

And this week the business relaunched its Enjoy! allergy-free product range to ensure it stands out on the shelves.

“I want our brand to be known by everybody in the UK and hopefully globally. It is free from, for everyone to enjoy,” Chris said.

Stephanie added: “I love the chocolate that Chris has developed, it is pretty much the only chocolate I eat, the others taste wrong to me.”

The range not only has bars, but also fudge, buttons and hot chocolate powder.

Chris had no idea that he was intolerant to anything as a child, and even at university he would have a pint with his mates and was unable to sleep, with his “head buzzing”.

“I got to my early 30s and it was getting really bad, struggling to get out of bed in the morning, getting all sorts of physical problems, I thought something was really wrong with me.”

Chris went to the doctors and he was reluctantly referred to a specialist, but was told there was nothing wrong, so he decided to take a home test before eliminating food groups.

The chocolate is sold in the company’s shop at the Commercial Centre, as well as at other locations including Weyhill Farm Shop, Turner & Thom in Stockbridge, Well Natural in Salisbury, and online at