ANOTHER protest billboard has appeared in Andover, this time with reference to the ongoing Conservative party leadership contest.

The poster, in London Street, depicts dozens of emojis and asks, “who gets to choose the new prime minster?” while noting that 0.3 per cent of the population – the members of the Conservative party – will get to make that decision.

The billboard is the work of guerrilla protestors Led by Donkeys, which has financed its billboard campaign through a crowdfunding page.

In February the group put up a similarly political sign in the town – and many others across the country – with the aim of highlighting “hypocrisy and lies” of pro-Brexit politicians.

This latest poster focuses on the Conservative party leadership race, the winner of which will be named as the new prime minister.

Theresa May stepped down as party leader on June 7, triggering a contest to determine her replacement.

As the Conservatives are the ruling party, its new leader will also be named the country’s new prime minster, with May remaining in that role until a new leader is appointed.

Party members will choose between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to become their new leader, with the winner set to be announced on July 23.