THE process of finding Wiltshire Council’s next leader has begun.

Baroness Jane Scott OBE has confirmed she will be stepping down as leader of Wiltshire Council at the start of July.

The Wiltshire Council Conservative Group has initiated its internal process of selecting a new group leader.

The submission of nominations for the next leader will close on July 1.

The election of the political party’s new group leader will take place on the following day.

Members of the group are all eligible to vote in person at the group meeting which will start at 1pm.

The name of the successful candidate who has received the most votes will be announced by the group later that day.

So far, nominations have been received from councillors Chuck Berry, Richard Clewer, Stuart Wheeler, and Philip Whitehead.

The successful candidate for the Conservative group leader will then be the group’s nomination for leader of Wiltshire Council at a meeting on July 9.