A PAIR of passionate peacocks have been causing a nuisance for Andover residents, leaving people ‘sleep deprived’ and even entering one family’s home.

Two male peacocks, believed to be wild and looking for a mate, first appeared at Picket Twenty over a month ago.

Families have spoken of being kept awake at night by their mating calls, and of the animals entering their gardens and, on occasion, their home.

Photos on social media show the birds flying onto residents’ roofs, but not everyone wants them gone.

Some describe them as “lovely” and others say it is the first time their children have seen peacocks up close.

Test Valley Borough Councillor Chris Donnelly, who lives on the estate, said: “They are beautiful birds but at the same time Picket Twenty isn’t exactly the most appropriate place for them to be with the noise and the cars as well.”

“People have been taking their kids up to see them. It’s lovely. It’s great to see such exotic birds in Andover.”

“But realistically it’s just not the right environment for them.”

The peacocks have been spotted in various streets in the south of the estate, including Stalls Road, Silks Way and Steeplechase Rise.

Resident Becky McNeil says the birds have kept her family, including a toddler and a newborn baby, awake at night for over a month.

She said: “They are lovely to look at, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the noise at night. It starts at about 10pm and lasts until about 2am. For a good five weeks it was every night.

“Even when I close the windows, with the vents open it’s still incredibly noisy. My toddler gets quite frightened, but we’ve never had them in our garden.”

Another resident, of Steeplechase Rise, says the peacocks were in her garden everyday for two weeks, at one point even venturing through the back door.

She said: “They came in my house. They were walking around the lounge when I came downstairs.

“They are not scared; this is the thing. My other half was washing his car with the pressure washer and they just walked right up to him.”

Test Valley Borough Council (TBVC) has issued letters to residents, saying it appears the birds ‘are not owned’ and have come ‘from an unknown colony’.

TVBC portfolio holder for housing and environmental health, Councillor Phil Bundy, added: “It’s understandable that some residents in Picket Twenty are growing frustrated at the two wild peacocks that have recently made the development their home, however I can also see why a number of people equally would like them to remain.

“There is a need to prevent the animals from causing a disturbance to residents, damaging property or injuring themselves.

“Although the council has no obligation to move the animals on to a new colony, we would need access to a secure location around Picket Twenty in which to safely capture them.

While the authority itself does not have access to this type of location, we would welcome any assistance from residents who may be able to offer such a space.

“We will continue to listen to residents and closely monitor the situation.”