AN OFFICE block in Andover could be converted into flats.

Tosca Midlands Limited has submitted an application to Test Valley Borough Council regarding changing the use of Guilbert House, in Greenwich Way, from offices to residential to transform it into 66 flats.

The three-storey building was constructed in the mid-1990s as an office block.

The application states that converting it into flats would “generate significantly fewer trips overall than the existing office development”, resulting in a net reduction of around 62 vehicle movements across both peak hours.

It added that existing access and car parking arrangements would be maintained.

Another application would need to be submitted for permission to make external alterations to the building.

However, the council approved the current application regarding the change of use, with various conditions, including that the flats should not be occupied until a ‘noise protection scheme’ has been submitted and approved by the planning authority.

It said: “The purpose of the noise protection scheme shall be to avoid unacceptable noise exposure to the future occupants of the flats associated with the sources of noise in the area, particularly any industrial activity associated with neighbouring commercial and industrial premises within the estate, including plant and machinery.”

Under current national planning regulations, conversion of offices to residential use does not require full planning consent from local authorities.

Guilbert House forms part of Meridian Park which is designated as a ‘strategic employment site’ in the Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan

The council also added a condition regarding parking for bicycles, instructing that none of the flats should be occupied until these facilities have been installed.

It said: “The bicycle parking facilities shall thereafter be kept available for the parking of bicycles… in the interests of sustainable transport and the amenities of the occupants of the development.”