DOG walkers using the field close to where travellers have set up camp near to Picket Twenty have shared their reaction to their arrival.

The group appeared after 1pm yesterday (Monday) after they sawed off fences that were put up to block vehicles from entering the green space close to Picket Twenty Sports Pavilion.

It understood that the around 30 vehicles gained access via Old Lane.

Since their arrival the travellers have been seen riding quad bikes across the nearby park and are understood to have sworn at dog walkers.

A couple who were out with their three dogs today said: “It looks like they have surrounded the whole field. When we came back yesterday there were gas canisters, vans and barking dogs.

“They just filled it up in such a short time. We saw a guy come out and empty his chemical loo into the bushes – they think they have got the right to do that.”

They added: “Within half an hour they had taken the metal posts out and crashed the other side into the hedge." 

Stephen Bearne, who saw the site yesterday, said: "It was quite messy already. There were 30 vans therere and three vans arrived last night and a few pick-up trucks. 

"They have been driving quads and cars up there on the field." 

Stephen said that the park where the group has settled is due to be used for a football tournament later this month. 

Today Test Valley Borough Council issued a notice directing the group to leave the land or they will be removed by 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday, August 7).

A spokesperson for Test Valley Borough Council said: “We are aware of the trespassers forcing entry at Picket Twenty and are doing everything in our power to move them on as quickly as possible.

“We have already started the process of pursuing court proceedings to remove them and are currently working closely with the police.”

In May another traveller encampment spent three days on a small green space at Augusta Park before moving to a nearby park in Roman Way.

Romans ward borough councillor Nick Matthews had visited the site to speak with the travellers after witnessing a car drive onto the grass from the roundabout at Smannell Road.