THIS is the incredible moment an Andover mum recorded her disabled daughter walking for the first time.

Mollie Wincott, 22, was told by doctors they didn't think three-year-old Mia would ever be able to walk.

The adorable toddler was recently diagnosed with incurable Joubert Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of the brain, making it near impossible to speak or walk.

But yesterday, the little girl defied the odds when she took her very first steps.

Miss Wincott told the Advertiser: "Mia has had a walker for a long time but she never paid it any attention until I painted it pink. When I went to show her, she was so happy and did a few steps."

Andover Advertiser: Overjoyed: Mollie Wincott with daughter MiaOverjoyed: Mollie Wincott with daughter Mia

And Miss Wincott managed to capture the milestone moment on camera.

Posting the heartwarming news to Twitter, she wrote: "My daughter is non-verbal and non-mobile. She has recently been diagnosed with a rare malformation of the brain.

"Today she walked for the very first time with her new barbie pink walker. My heart is bursting."

The tweet went viral, with the accompanying video of little Mia amassing an incredible 1.2million views.

Andover Advertiser: Miss Wincott's video has been viewed 1.2million timesMiss Wincott's video has been viewed 1.2million times

Speaking to the Advertiser, Miss Wincott said she has been left astounded by the response.

"I was worried people may be cruel but every single response and message has been so kind. People have been messaging me from the other side of the world," the charity worker said.

"The doctors told me when she was younger that they didn't think she would ever walk. They still said to me when she got her diagnosis that they couldn't predict it.

"Mia has been poorly ever since she was born. She's had two holes in her heart and stayed in intensive care as a baby.

"She has been through a lot but has been incredible throughout it all. She is the happiest little girl."

Miss Wincott worker described her daughter as "constantly smiling from ear to ear".

"Her favourite thing at the moment is turtles, it's a strange passion but one she's very into right now," she said.

The doting mother added Mia also loves visiting her dad and grandparents, who also live in Andover.