HAVING raised thousands of pounds to attend, a Wellington Academy student took on a trip of a lifetime.

Last month Year 10 pupil Rhiannon Stevens flew to West Virginia, USA, to take part in the World Scout Jamboree.

Rhiannon was one of only 40 scouts in Wiltshire to be selected in 2017 for the Jamboree and has raised £4,000 to be able to attend.

She began fundraising in Year 8 through school bake sales and doing bag packs at local supermarkets and her commitment saw her through two years of fundraising.

The World Scout Jamboree is held once every four years and took place this year between July 22 and August 2 at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.

There was a huge variety of activities for Rhiannon to get involved in including aerial sports, aquatics, climbing, extreme sports, river rafting and a day-long hike. Before and after the Jamboree, the Wiltshire Scout’s contingent will also get a ‘Big City Experience’ by spending a few days in New York City and Washington DC.

Rhiannon’s jamboree journey came to an end in Canada with four days of Scout hospitality at a Canadian Scout Group base.

Rhiannon is also a member of The Wellington Academy Combined Cadet Force and a Youth Referee for the FA.

A school spokesperson said: “As a school we are incredibly proud of Rhiannon and everything she has achieved so far, her hard work and commitment to everything she does and we are very excited to hear about her American adventure when she returns.”