THERE was tumbling triumph as Ludgershall Circus Club celebrated its first summer camp.

Ludgershall Youth Centre has just returned seven young people from their first summer camp in Suffolk, having won praise from other youth groups for their fortitude and energy.

Circus Wessex organised the summer camp for the Buzz Action Foundation, incorporating nature trails, outdoor activities and circus workshops at Easton Farm Park.

A trip to the beach on the hottest day of the year certainly cooled them down, although five instructors were stung by jellyfish during the afternoon. But a lightning storm on Thursday night, threatening to blow away their marquee, saw them sheltering in a launderette where they put on a cabaret for two hours, much to the amusement of other holiday makers.

And in the morning the group were forced to run around rounding up the escaped animals.

Youth facilitator for Ludgershall Youth Centre Jonathan T Jester said: “The circus workshop is obviously a central theme, but this was really a vehicle for many other positive activities and youth development.

“Our young people and their families have helped provide an essential activity for a number of vulnerable young people, including young carers and others on child protection orders. I am so proud of what our youngsters have brought to this event.”

Nigel Roder, of Concrete Circus from Milton Keynes, added: “Its brilliant that our youngsters get to work with a new group.

“These youngsters have found their own way and the exchange of skills and ideas has been brilliant to watch.

“Some of our experienced and accomplished performers are actually learning new things from people who are clearly talented beginners. But the real story here is how these groups have come together with such diverse ages and backgrounds.”

The next trip for the youngsters from the youth centre, which has been opened since September, will be to a folk festival, with the help of volunteers.

Jonathan said: “We could not have done this without some brilliant parents and volunteers. This is what every youth worker dreams about when they start out.”