A FIVE-year dream has come to reality as a new gin has been launched in a unique setting.

Houghton Lodge Gardens has become the latest in fans of the tipple to introduce a new product produced by The River Test Distillery, in Longparish.

The distillery has created the Mayfly Gin which was inspired by the body of water’s famous fly fishing, gin-clear waters and abundant flora and fauna.

The new gin is distilled in small batches and crafted using pure, chalk-filtered water which comes from the aquifer that feeds into the river, creating a smooth gin.

It is a classic London Dry with gently honeyed floral notes and infused with handpicked meadowsweet flowers — perfect with premium Indian tonic, a slice of lime and plenty of ice.

For Sarah and Jonathan Nelson, owners of the new distillery, opening this venture has been a five-year dream and a two-year journey to set everything up.

They said: “We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful location next to the River Test and with botanicals on our doorstep it seemed like gin production was meant to be — and The River Test Distillery was conceived!

“The distillery has an idyllic location, nestled in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, with the River Test flowing through the property. For many years we have had the responsibility of protecting the property’s two SSSIs — ‘Sites of Special Scientific Interest’ — the meadow and the river, and we have had a long held ambition to contribute something of our own and add our own story to the history of the property. Our philosophy, therefore, is borne out of a desire to create a product that embraces this beautiful part of the world, and the ambition has been to complement the thriving local food and drinks market.

“We wanted to make a brand and a gin that would be distinctive and that we could be proud of. To achieve this, we have created our own unique and distinctive bespoke bottle which has taken its inspiration from our beautiful surroundings and the gin does the same.”

To celebrate its new gin Houghton Lodge Gardens are making the most of the glorious setting by hosting a unique collection of events.

The Afternoon Tea Series combines a traditional afternoon tea every month with a unique themed event.