PUPILS at Wallop Primary School could soon be able to use a new sports facility to exercise daily.

The school has lodged an application with Test Valley Borough Council to build a running track to be used by children to complete a daily mile.

It is said that the track will provide a “a flat and safe no slip running surface which can prevent injuries occurring”.

Currently the youngsters run around the perimeter where “they would be more likely to slip and injure themselves”.

The plan states: “The track will be used daily by 130 students and the track would provide a safe space for exercise and completing a ‘daily mile’. The school encourage all students to complete a daily mile at the school. This can help students with regards to their health and mental wellbeing.”

Before submitting the application the school were in talks with Hampshire County Council’s landscapes strategy team in May and June 2017 and a plan of how to make the best use of the school grounds and fields, which included the installation of a running track.

“The plan shows there are many facilities that the school has and uses to provide a good environment for learning and exercise for the children.”

Sports England were also consulted by the council at the design stage and it was deemed that the proposed track should be away from the trees around the site.

The track is planned to run around three existing football pitches for junior school children.

“The school has large areas of sports field which are used for games and physical education. In addition to the school having this sports field area installing a running track in the proposed location would make use of the areas of the field which is unused,” the plan adds.

“The track will be positioned to the side of the main field, so main centre part of the field can be used for sports pitches. The local schools use the fields at Wallop Primary School for regular athletics completions and the addition of the track would provide a better running surface and a new facility for the competition.”

To view the plan for the running track, go to testvalley.gov.uk/planning-and-building/viewplanningapplicationsonline and search19/01800/FULLN.