TRAVELLERS have moved onto yet another park in Andover, just days after groups were removed from two trading estates.

Several caravans and vehicles have set up camp on the field in Kiel Drive, Saxon Fields.

Eyewitnesses said that the group had arrived around 10.30pm last night (Tuesday) and forced their way through the wooden barriers which blocked the site.

This morning officers from Test Valley Borough Council and police were at the scene speaking to the travellers.

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A dog walker, who wished to remain anonymous, saw the roamers arrive yesterday evening and said the nearby Premier shop has not opened its doors today.

“I was out walking the dog last night and got to the alleyway around the back of the park and saw lights.

“The little shop has closed, they haven’t opened up because of it, so they are losing money.”

He added: “If they [the travellers] leave it ok afterwards or stopping on the way through to somewhere then that’s fine but if it is going to be a long-term thing.

“There is the play park and the football pitch up there and no one is going to want to play football up there now.”

Nearby residents were said to have watched the group arrive and called the police to make them aware of the camp.

Andover Advertiser:

One neighbour, who recalled the time a group set up on the park next to Elbe Way, said: “It was pretty bad and the shop last time he shut because they were coming in there, not one or two but groups and he felt threatened.

“They left a mess last time.”

She added: “The children play football up there and the kids use the park and people walk their dogs early, but I haven’t heard many this morning – maybe that has stopped people doing that.”

Another passer-by said her son and his partner had just moved into a house near the field, and she was concerned about the group’s presence.

The travellers’ arrival comes just days after they were moved on from Walworth Business Park and Anton Trading Estate, leaving a trail of rubbish behind.

A borough council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the travellers who have forced entry to Saxon Fields, Andover, and have begun the necessary proceedings to ensure the group is removed as quickly as possible.

“We take security very seriously and I’m grateful for the work of council officers who have again acted swiftly and efficiently.”