AN ANDOVER dad has given back to the hospice where his son regularly visits in a unique way.

Lee Farmer of Fastrikes is hosting a charity raffle to support Naomi House and Jacksplace, where his son, Jack goes for respite. The grand prize is a brand new, custom built trike, made especially for the raffle.

Fastrikes is a trike manufacturer that specialises in converting bikes into trikes. The company name came about when Lee wanted to make Jack a part of the family business, and so named it ‘Fastrikes’, which stands for ‘Father and Son Trikes’. The company goal is to enable those that can no longer ride (through disability or unsteadiness) to get back into the saddle.

Lee recently drove the trike, which is based on a Yamaha XV1100 Virago, to the hospices to collect Jack after his recent stay at Jacksplace. Staff at the hospices gathered outside to see the finished prize and pose for photos.

Lee said: “I am the luckiest human being on the planet as Jack chose me to be his daddy almost 19 years ago. Living with and caring for Jack is the most rewarding thing I do, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. He has a very complex condition which requires constant monitoring. This makes it incredibly difficult to let go of the reins when it comes to his care.

“Naomi House & Jacksplace do everything with Jack, from physio, to playing with sensory toys, to helping with his coordination, to taking him out in the garden and riding bicycles in the sun, to helping him pig out on all the special goodies the kitchen staff prepare (which I can assure you are blooming delicious!).

“The guys and girls at the hospices are incredible; always happy and caring whilst staying 100 per cent professional at all times. This gives Jack’s mum, Susie, and I the confidence to actually leave Jack in their care – we’ve even been able to go away for the weekend occasionally (a very strange experience after so many years). Because of their dedication and professionalism I have been able to relax and spend more quality time with Susie.

“Naomi House & Jacksplace never ask for anything in return and I know that this level of care does not come cheap, so as a massive thank you, we have decided to make the charity one of the beneficiaries of our annual trike raffle. The response we’ve had from the public over the last couple of months has been incredible and I am looking forward to drawing the raffle later this month and handing someone the keys to their new trike!”

Fastrikes is hoping to sell more the 6,000 raffle tickets before the winner is announced at the Dubs of Anarchy Bike and Bus Show on September 27 and 29 at Ashdown Farm in Worcestershire.

To buy a ticket, go to