EXTRA police patrols are being carried out in Tidworth in a bid to tackle drug dealing in the town.

PCSO Dan Catterick told Tidworth Town Council on Tuesday night that Wiltshire Police were aware there has been issues surrounding supplying at the back of the leisure centre and Drummer Lane.

“We are fully aware of that [and we are] looking at various people. It is not such an isolated issue, we are working alongside other forces to nip it in the bud with the main dealers,” he said.

“In terms of activity in that area, extra priority patrols are in place and plain clothes [officers] are around there ever so often. We do get a lot of positive results from that.”

PCSO Catterick said that the force is doing all it can to tackle the problem but officers are also stretched in the town.

“It is all about being proactive and having more officers out in Tidworth. It is the case of catching them in the act.

“A higher police presence will hopefully deter them from doing it in that area.”

He added: “It is a priority for us. With needs being stretched we can’t always be in Drummer Lane.”

The council were told that police are following lines of enquiry, and only recently a woman was arrested after officers received intelligence that a vehicle was being used to transport drugs.

Concerns were also raised by councillors about the smoking of cannabis in the same area.

PCSO Catterick said in response: “We are keeping up with patrols and do stop some individuals and confiscate classes and issue warnings to them.”

Reverend Tim Laundon, Priest in Charge of the Benefice of Ludgershall and Tidworth, spoke to raise worries about another car park in the town also being used as a drop off point.