HOUSE-proud shoppers at a new show home outlet in Andover should be prepared to be ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’, say its staff.

In a new venture for established interior designers Artspace, ex-show home and new contemporary, design led items are being sold off at greatly discounted prices in the Chantry Centre.

From accessories and gifts to designer and bespoke sofas and furniture, SHO Space has something for everyone.

“People hardly know where to look when they first come in,” says SHO Space retail advisors, Katherine Robertson and Reagen Evans.

They added: “Everything you see in the shop marked ex-display has just been exhibited in one of our show homes and most of it is in perfect condition meaning our customers are benefitting by buying brand almost new furniture for a fraction of the cost.”

Kate Letteriello launched Artspace Interior Design in 2007, after winning a TV competition called Interior Rivalry. She had worked within the interior design industry for many years, and her win gave her the confidence and the funds to create a new path in a field she was passionate about.

She put her winnings into the new business and in the 12 years since she has proudly developed a passionate and growing design family.