THERE was a real community affair in Longparish as residents came together to enjoy the fun at the fete.

On Saturday young and old descended on the cricket ground to take part in the annual affair.

Opened by actress Hayley Mills, the event was kicked off with one lucky fete-goer being flown in on Sioux helicopter from the Army Historic Flight. Another also got the chance to leave the event in the aircraft.

Throughout the day Juggling Jake provided much entertainment for children, with a host of circus skills being taught. There was also performances by Andover Town Band, K & H Falconry, along with a dog show for prized pooches to showcase their talents.

Organiser John Young said: “It is such a great community event, we get everybody coming out to help out or run a stall. The few days leading up to the fete people come out to put up tents, tables and chairs.

“It gets everybody out, you meet people that sometimes you don’t come across in the village, so it is really good for that.”

Around £11,500 was raised from the occasion, with much of the money going towards church running costs and some going to village hall.

The church has also decided to split its donations with the cricket club, playground project and the school.