THERE were plenty of new things to see as Abbotts Ann Village Fete returned for another year.

Alongside the annual affair, a variety of cars parked up for the Festival of Motoring, but for those who like their entertainment with four legs for the first time the Goodworth Gundogs put on a display on Saturday last week.

And the ferret racing returned, which was given a bigger show, with commentary over the tannoy, along with the popular falconry display.

A helicopter was also organised to be at the fete, with many staying around till the end to watch it fly off.

For the younger audience there were games, rides and bouncy castles along with the chance to compete in the mini-Olympics.

Chair of the village fete committee Davina Doherty said: “The day was brilliant, we were really lucky with the weather and we had really good attendance. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, enjoying themselves and looking at the displays.”

She added: “It is very much a community event, everybody pitches in to help with the setting up and clearing away.”

The fete is organised by community groups throughout the village, who will all benefit from the funds raised by the event.

It is not yet known how much has been raised but it is predicted to be over £4,000.