AFTER an Andover business dating back to 1986 was passed on to the next generation, its new owners are now looking ahead to the next 33 years as they bring the company into a new era.

Josh Lock and his business partner Jordan Brown recently took the reins at South Coast Welding Supplies, in Portway Industrial Estate.

The business, which sells a range of welding machinery, supplies and accessories, was previously owned by Josh’s dad, Cliff, and his friend Pete Oates.

Josh and Jordan have already given the both company’s website and premises a facelift as they look to appeal to both their hobbyist and professional customers.

Despite the revamp, a newspaper cut-out from the year the business was set up remains on the office noticeboard and Josh reveals that joining the business had always been a goal of his.

He told the Advertiser: “Ever since I was a kid I used to come here with my dad in the summer holidays and I always said, ‘I want to run this one day.’

“It’s just about bringing it up to the current generation and trying to keep it going another 33 years.”

As part of that process, Josh and Jordan have put their best foot forward with a complete refurb of their premises.

“It used to be a little trade counter so everything was kept behind but we’ve opened it up to be a showroom so that people can come around and have a look,” said Josh.

“It’s just modernising it – trying to bring it into this century.”

Andover Advertiser:

He added: “It’s all exciting at the moment because it’s all so new. It’s a big challenge, we just want to do it justice.”

Josh says that as well as his aspirations to take over the company his dad helped build, he and Jordan have always had a “vision” of going into business together.

The childhood friends brought that vision to life earlier this year when they joined the company alongside Cliff and Pete, who later took a back seat as Josh and Jordan took over.

One of their hopes is to help the business better reach their hobbyist customers that they have already been busy forging relationships with, which Jordan says is an important part of the service they offer.

Jordan said: “You always end up with a really good relationship and you know them personally.

“Next time they come in we know what they’re having straight away. It’s like going into a pub and they have your beer on the bar already.”

The new team have been given the blessing of the previous owners.

Josh says that Cliff recently texted him to say he’s “proud” of the two of them for taking on the challenge and that his dad “loves that the company is moving into a new era and changing with the times”.

Cliff and Pete have thanked all their customers for staying loyal over the years. And although the former owners have taken a step back, they are still involved behind the scenes.

“We have them as tech support,” quipped Josh.

“They know everything. And what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing.”

South Coast Welding Supplies is based at Unit 6-7, Faraday Park in Portway Industrial Estate.

The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5pm, with a slightly early finish at 4pm on Fridays.

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