A BOROUGH councillor has resigned amid a row over Andover Business Improvement District (BID) claiming he cannot work with "liars" and "hypocrites".

Today (Thursday) at Basingstoke Magistrates Court Councillor Kevin Farrer slammed Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and furiously expressed to his supporters and fellow non-levy paying businesses that he has resigned from his position.

Cllr Farrer, who was elected as part of Andover Alliance in this May's polls, was summoned to court by TVBC as owner of International Furniture for not pay the BID levy. But after District Judge Timothy Pattinson granted liability orders to be sent out Cllr Farrer made the move.

Slamming evidence down on the table in front of the council's representative Peter Colebeck, he said: "I have just resigned, I cannot work with hypocrisy".

Speaking outside the court, Cllr Farrer said: "I cannot work with people who say the town is on its knees and needs rejuvenating, and while it is being rejuvenated it will be further on its knees.

"I can't stand in a room with a bunch of liars, I can't do it."

Cllr Farrer has said that he has not resigned from Andover Town Council.

He has been a staunch opponent of the BID since the idea was  bandied about in the town and even became involved in the Andover Businesses Unite - Stop the BID group. He then joined the Andover Alliance, who as part of their manifesto, promised to remove the BID.

"The council can chase me for the BID and chase me, all I will do is put flats on the building, and I will be in Ireland."

Cllr Farrer has said that he has been contacted by people up and down the country fighting the BID and he is now representing 1,200 people.

He added: "67 businesses voted against the BID [in Andover] because why would I want to pay upfront, nobody paid me to set up a private limited company.

"We need diversity of shops in the town before this cancer takes over everything, takes over every shop in the town.

"We can't afford it."

Cllr Farrer said that he already attracts people to the town with his displays and benches.

And speaking about the council's claim that the vote was a majority, with 70 votes backing the initiative and 67 votes against, he added: "It wasn't a majority, you can refer it all you like... it was snuck through on 13 car parks that Test Valley Borough Council own.

"It is wrong, you are wrong, the council is wrong and BID is wrong."