A YOUNG mother who was violently beaten and mentally abused for nine years at the hands of her then-boyfriend has spoken out in the hope of raising awareness about domestic violence.

Natasha Kemp, 25, said she fell head over heels for the man, who she met at the age of 15, and within two years she fell pregnant with their first son.

But when the couple welcomed their second child, Natasha, from Andover, said that the abuse increased, and her partner became increasingly physical.

“There was always a bit of mental abuse, he used some vile words like rat and w****, but when my second child was born I didn’t realise he had accrued a really bad drug habit behind my back which I guess contributed to his behaviour and it got worse from there.

“He would be controlling. In the summer if I was wearing shorts I was a ‘slag’, I would then go and change as I didn’t want the arguing.”

Natasha added: “It started with throwing things if he was angry.”

She said that on one occasion she was at their home with a friend and he threw a hairbrush at her back so hard that it broke, and in another she suffered two broken fingers at the hands of her boyfriend during an argument.

“I stayed with him because I couldn’t get out. When I reported him to the police it would backfire on me as social services would get involved. He would move out for months then once he was deemed to be a medium risk to the children he would be allowed back here.”

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From then on, Natasha started to take photographs of her injuries and would record times when they would argue, some of which she has now shared on social media.

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The mother-of-two said that her ex-partner would come off the drugs, but “it [the violence] just got worse and worse”.

She added: “I had friends who knew but I never told my parents, my mum only found out when he went to jail.

“I had friends who were supportive of me, who didn’t want to tell me to leave because they knew I wouldn’t listen, but they knew what I was going through was wrong. Then I had friends who were brutally honest with me.”

After finally breaking free from her relationship, and with her life beginning to feel more stable, she has realised a new drive to help others who have suffered domestic abuse. By posting pictures of her scars she hopes to not only raise awareness but also funds for Refuge, which helps victims to rebuild their lives and overcome many different forms of violence and abuse.

“I was very scared to have a life on my own, without him. I didn’t know what life would be like on my own,” she said.

“A lot women are scared of being alone. They are embarrassed, a lot of time people only stay for the kids. But never stay for the kids – they will love you no matter what. Mine did see some of what want on and they got upset but the difference in them is amazing.

“I just want other women to get out. It doesn’t have to be physical abuse, but it is still not ok.

“If I can raise awareness and help other people then that is something that I would get a lot of joy out of.”

Natasha is also hoping that people will come forward to offer ideas and donate to raise money for Refuge.

The reign of abuse caused Natasha to self-harm and suffer with depression, but since the couple split, she said she now has more time to spend with her children and is looking forward to getting back to her studies.

Her abuser was arrested and was given a community order in June 2016 but was later jailed for six months, only serving five weeks, for failing to comply with his sentence.