A FUNDRAISER has been set up in response to a flood of offers from friends and loved ones hoping to help after the death of a well-loved Andover Rugby player.

Declan Gillan died in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday evening, and the news of his passing has been met with an outpouring of love from the local community.

The family say they have been flooded with offers from friends and extended family hoping to 'do something' to help and so a fundraising page has been set up.

A message on the page reads: “As a family we are very aware of how many people want to show their love and support to us at this devastating time.

“Our beautiful boy was so dearly loved by so many.

“Offers of help are flooding in from all groups of friends and extended family. We are incredibly private and as much as we want to preserve dignity and take care of him ourselves, we would not want to exclude anyone from sharing their need to simply ‘do something’. This has been suggested by a few people. Whilst we appreciate their intentions wholly, we would like to manage this page ourselves.

“There is nothing anyone can do for us right now but if you feel as helpless as us as to what practical support you can provide this would be something you can contribute to.

“With love.”

To view the fundraiser go to http://bit.ly/declanfundraiser