THERE was a magical start to the year as students got on their broomsticks to take a trip.

Year 8 pupils from Winton Community Academy visited the Harry Potter Studios at Warner Bros, in Leavesden, near Watford.

Pupils were treated to a cinema experience of some of the most infamous parts to the stories.

At every stage of the tour the group were reminded of how extraordinary the books and the movies truly are.

Headteacher Nathan Thomas said: “As a school we believe that learning should take place in the classroom and beyond and firmly believe in relevant trips to inspire young people. This was a great trip linking to our literacy drive and engaging pupils in the magical world of Harry Potter.”

And pupil Zara Alagaratnam added: “It was such a fun day and really interesting to see details that went into making the movies and designing the sets. There is so much to see and do. A great day!”

But it was not just Winton that visited the set as John Hanson pupils also took a trip.

As the winners of the ‘World Book Day Door competition’ last year, Tom Brady took his tutor group to the Harry Potter studio on Monday last week.

Pupil Jessica Barker said: “On the tour we saw a lot of amazing and wonderful things like the moving stair case, the bedroom in Hogwarts, all the characters wands, the giant clock near the nurses’ office, the Triwizard Cup, the golden egg from the Triwizards tournament, the spell classroom, broomsticks and the philosophers stone to name a few.”