CHILDREN were given an insight into life as an MP during a special visit earlier this month.

Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire, visited the Year 5 and 6 class at Vernham Dean Gillum’s Primary School on September 13.

He spoke to the children about his role as a local MP and his new role of looking after the police and fire service.

Mr Malthouse was appointed as Minister of State for Policing, in a reshuffle following the election of Boris Johnson as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party in July this year.

As part of his talk Mr Malthouse presented in detail about how he is looking after the area and improvements he is try to make. And as the big issue of the moment he discussed Brexit, along with Mr Johnson and jobs of the future.

Before he left Mr Malthouse also answered all the questions the children asked him.

Holly Bulpitt, senior teacher, said: “I believe as a teacher it is so important that children are aware and get involved with what is happening in the outside world and are able to have an informed opinion as they are the future generation.”

Formally Mr Malthouse was housing minister and has represented the constituency since 2015.